Thursday, December 8, 2016

Devil baby

The dream I had this morning before I woke up is worthy of a horror movie. I was in a community type church and this young mother's baby had gone missing. We searched for a long time for the baby, days even. We were all meeting back at the church and someone found a creepy old room that no one had checked. The pastor found the key and the door was opened. Inside was the babies bassinet. I rushed in with another person because everyone else was afraid to look. I can't ever smell in my dreams, but I know it smelled horrible in there. The baby was all withered up and had dusty green mold on it. We wheeled it out and put it on a table and shooed the mother away so we could try to make him look presentable for her. His name was Elijah by the way. So I was trying to wrap him up in a receiving blanket and another lady was helping me. Then Elijah began changing. He started growing plump under my hands and color began coming back into his skin. I could feel a growing dread inside me. Then he began moving. I realized he had come back to life! He began crying and rooting around like he was hungry. I handed him to his mother and she was in shock. I told her he was hungry and suggested she tried nursing him. The feeling of horror and dread and fear grew and grew in me.
Some other parishioners stepped aside and were whispering among themselves.
As I continued to watch Elijah nurse he began biting at his mother and his mouth was gaping wide open. I told her she should take him off but she insisted he was fine despite the fact she look terrified and in pain.
I stepped away for a bit and then went back and the mother's older daughter was holding the baby and he was sucking on her ear. The daughter was nearly crying and I told the mother that she should make him stop but she didn't. I wanted to get away and sneaked out the back. There were a bunch of other parishioners loading up into a wagon or truck and they were dressed in strange clothing, Old fashioned. I started walking down the sidewalk to my house fearfully. I could see that I was wearing a dress and had a shawl on that also covered my head. I was afraid to turn around and look fearing that the mother would be following me to take Elijah to my house. I was scared of him. Then I woke up.