Saturday, April 30, 2016

A night of terror and anger

I must have some type of stress going on in my life.  Last night was filled with horrible dreams.
In the first one that I remember, I was working in a hospital and something was happening to make people go into a zombie like state and start killing each other.  I wasn't affected yet and one person went into a nursery and was going to kill the babies.  I went in to save them and kept her away.  The babies were really small about the size of an orange but fully formed!  Then one was talking to me!  I couldn't remember what he was saying however.  I left there and was being followed by a zombie cat that was trying to kill me.  I went into a med room with two other nurses and was trying to get them to help me.  The cat came in and I fell on the floor and it started biting me.  I got up and ran and somehow ended up on the roof of this building.  It was a large granite dome and I was trying to climb it.  I was laying flat on my stomach inching along because I felt at any moment I was going to fall off the edge.  Then the entire building started tipping over and people were jumping.  I could see all around me the city was burning and people were jumping from buildings.  The building began falling and I fell off and was going down into an orange/pink mist.  Then I woke up.

Dream two was more of an angry dream.  It started off nice enough.  I was with a guy, I think an ex and we were at the top of a mountain and he pulled the car we were in into the parking lot of a nature preserve.  I got out and was looking at the view and wanted to go fishing in a nearby pond.  He went into the building there which looked like a small store.  He then came out with a woman and they sat at a picnic table with food and started eating.  I was pissed because they didn't get me anything.  I said something like, it must be nice and started walking home.  As all my dreams go, of course I was lost.  When I left the parking lot, it turned into a very busy city full of buses with tourists and college kids.  I saw one sign pointing to "Beep Spa" so I thought that meant Ballston Spa, a town near where I live, so I started walking that way.  I came across a huge highway and was trying to find a bus or train station because I realized I was way down in Tarrytown, which is near New York City.  There were massive crowds of people and I was getting more and more upset.  I then realized that my ex and his new woman were racing with me to see who could get on the bus or train first.  I wanted to avoid them and finally got in line for a train ticket.  The woman ran my ID and it passed three of four security checks.  Then one light flashed red and it said I had an Amber Alert out for kidnapping my daughter.  I said to the woman that they must of stopped at a police station and filed a false report saying I kidnapped her and she wasn't even with me!  She sold me the ticket and I got on the train.  It started pulling away and then there was a special needs man wearing a helmet a couple rows behind me.  He started yelling and screaming loudly.  I was getting upset even more and someone turned and yelled at him to shut the fuck up!    That is where the dream ended.  I felt exhausted when I got up!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Lost in Louisiana!

Nap time turned into nightmare time this afternoon.  I was in North Louisiana, probably in Bossier City visiting my brother.  I was driving this big, old pick up truck with a plow on the front.  I was planning on driving down to see my Mom and was lost.  I was trying to find the highway to get to her house.  I had to drop my brother off first.  I went down one street and was having trouble with the plow, so I pulled over.  I was moving the blade from inside and then got out to try to fix it.  Some guy came over and offered to help.  He took the plow off and then told me to give him $20.  I told him no and he said he was going to call the cops.  I said go ahead, I'll wait for them.  I was really mad at him for being so rude and having the nerve to ask me for money.  I put the plow back on myself and waited for the cops.  When the cop came I told him what happened and he told the guy to leave me alone.  So I get back in the truck and notice I'm low on gas and the truck is sputtering and died.  I managed to get it started again and dropped my brother off at his place.  I then tried to find a gas station but it was dark and everything was closed.  I drove into one and lost control and hit an old fashioned pump on the side of the building.  Then I got scared and took off dragging the hose behind me.  I was worried that they would see me on video camera and send the cops after me.  I was trying to use my GPS to put in my Mom's address and my GPS was broken and my finger went through the screen.  Then I went to a Wal-mart to buy a new one and even that was closed!  I pulled into the parking lot and screamed "This is bullshit"!
Then I woke up!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Birds, Ferrets and a Prince

Most of my dreams that I remember happen right before I wake up.
So if I say "this morning" it means the early morning hours.
I can remember bits and pieces of a dream from this morning.  It was a long one.  I remember being with a group of people.  My daughter was with me and she was young.  We were walking in a city and I wanted a seltzer water.  Two of the people we were with said they were going to get it and told me and Sarah to stay where we were and wait.  Then they went to this apartment and I got mad and followed them.  I knew they were going to buy pot.  That part of the dream ended as I was confronting them.
Then I was in a wooded area and I looked up in a tree and there were two Quaker parrots in it.  I called to them and they came down into my hand and I wanted to take them home so I put them into my jacket pocket which had zippers.  
Then I walked more and found two ferrets.  I stuffed them in my pants of all places!  
I remember trying to get back to my home and there was a man with me who was my partner.  Not sure who he was but he was familiar.  I was waddling along with the two ferrets in my pants down a street and I remember being embarrassed because people would think I looked funny.  Finally we got to the house and there was a cage with a hammock in it for the ferrets.  I got them out of my pants and put them in the cage.  This dream ended.

The next one was odd.  I was traveling in a car through a cemetery with important people.  I don't know who they were.  I remember that Elvis Presley's parents were buried there and I wanted to see their graves.  We approached them and there was a small crowd of tourists there taking pictures, etc.
There was an intense feeling of companionship and love in the vehicle.  Music began playing.  It was hippie style music from the early 70's or late 60's.  Woodstock type music.  The words to the songs began scrolling along the top edge of the inside of the vehicle and I was singing along.  Then we were up in the air, in a helicopter.  It was as if we were filming a video or were being on live tv.  I was singing but remember singing softly because I didn't know the words and my singing voice is awful.  I then looked in the row in front of me and in the left passenger seat a beautiful, thin man turned to look at me.  It was Prince.  He just smiled that sweet smile of his and held my hand.  I smiled back and said "I love you, Prince".  He just smiled and held my hand.  He seemed so much at peace right then.  After a minute he let go of my hand and started interacting with a man next to him.  I remember the crowds of people down below us, they were all singing along to the songs and it was a beautiful and peaceful feeling.  Love and unity in music.  Then I woke up.  


I finally decided to start a blog about my dreams.  I have fairly vivid and realistic dreams.  Most of them involve stress of some sort.  Fights, being lost, being back in a bad relationship, work related, etc.  Some are recurring, some involve celebrities and some involve love.  I also on occasion have been able to have a lucid dream where I realize I can stop something from happening that is unpleasant.  I also have what is scientifically called "sleep paralysis".  During this I have waking hallucinations.  
I don't think my dreams are special or prophetic in anyway.  I started this as a way to try to remember them, because they slip away like a summer breeze after a while.  

Happy dreaming!