Sunday, January 28, 2018

Little man

Little man, my Buzzy dog.  I dreamt of you this morning.  You miraculously appeared in my yard even though you died a few years ago.  I was so happy to see you, hug you, play with you..  It was a nice dream and maybe someday, I will see you again!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Lost in a small town

This is another typical reoccurring theme, except it was a bit different.  I was borrowing someone's car, a rather nice one, to go to the grocery store in an unfamiliar town.  
I went to an old Grand Union store (these aren't around anymore).  When I got in there I was making sure I had money or my bank card and my purse was stuffed with money, but it was all clearly fake.  I couldn't find my bank cards either.  Next thing I knew, I was out in the parking lot with a grocery cart full of expensive meat.  I was freaked out because I never remembered getting the meat or even paying for it!  I went back into the store and went to the meat counter and tried to find similar packages so I could put them back.  None of the labels matched up.  I finally went to a store clerk and they told me that it wasn't from their store, it was probably from an expensive butcher shop in town.  So I ended up leaving to try and find this other store on foot.  I was again searching through my purse, not finding anything except papers and fake money.  The neighborhood I was walking in was a real slum.  Broken down buildings and bricks piles laying all around.  I was trying to find the car.  I scoured the store parking lot but it wasn't there.  I was pushing the button on the key fob to make the horn beep and I could hear something far off in the distance.  I was going around and around this town trying to find the car.  I finally found it at a garage and it had turned into this crappy, little beat up car.  A nice lady approached me and was trying to help me.  She had a cell phone but the only two numbers I could remember were for people who couldn't really help me.  I was particularly wanting to call the car owner for help.  I woke up at this time.  

Friday, November 24, 2017

The Demon

This was a pretty disturbing dream.  So disturbing I may leave out some of the more graphic details.  I was visiting my Mom and step-dad in Louisiana (a common part of my dreams).  We were sharing a room.  The first night I was there I felt a presence.  The second night, my sister left the room, refusing to come back.  When I woke in the morning I was thinking about having to pack to go back home.  I then looked around the room and realized something had ripped up the walls and shreds of it were all over the place.  I called for my Mom and sister and told them to just look from the door and not to go into the room.  I knew there was something evil.  I went into the room and knew I would be safe, hopefully!  I saw the demon in a corner.  He resembled a demon at first, reddish black, hideously ugly.  He wasn't going to possess me, but use me as a tool to accomplish some task.  I don't remember all the details, but at one point I remember the demon went with me to a store, or diner or something like that.  He kept wanting to attack people but I would tell him not to. I would tell him that if he did, I would no longer help him and he would just have to kill me.  There was one particular part where he found this woman who he had raped before and did it again before I could stop him.  Except his whole body went up inside her.  I won't put in any more detail to this one.  We were looking at a map and he was showing me that we were going to drive back to my house in NY.  I was thinking of flying back but then knew in my dream that the plane would crash (common dream element).  Suddenly we switched to a scene where we were riding this type of watercraft in the ocean, there were a couple other people with us.  For some reason, this was a fun element.  We were riding over the waves and having a great time.  At the end of the dream, the demon had sexually assaulted a little boy.  I was so disgusted and angry with him, that I knew that this couldn't go on anymore.  The dream ended with paramedics and police showing up to take care of the boy and catch the demon.  
In this dream, I knew that if I didn't go along with the demon, he would hurt/kill me or someone else.  
In real life this was what happened when I lived with my daughter's father.  He would use threats and abuse to control me.  He was the demon.  

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

David Beckham

I had a short but pleasant dream when I took a nap the other day.  In it I was dating David Beckham and I was thrilled and surprised that he would want to date a "fat" woman like me.  He even bought me new clothes so I would look good for the fancy events he was going to bring me too.  In the dream there was even a brief "naughty" part but it ended all too soon!  There was an overlying feeling of insecurity and inadequacy because of the way I look.

Going to Montreal and a new apartment

This dream was long and strange, but that isn't unusual.  It started out with me going to a dormitory type setting and trying to find my room and feeling anxious because I couldn't remember the combo to get the door open.  Someone finally told me where the room was after I ended up finding out that the dorm authorities moved me.  I was greeting by a maintenance man and he was a little too friendly with me, even picking me up to help me up the steps.  The room when first entered was more like a small apartment.  There was frosted glass everywhere and a huge king size bed.  In an alcove was another twin sized bed.  
Then people I knew as other dorm dwellers showed up and my Mom was there and we were all going to Montreal.  I was freaking out because I wasn't ready.  I couldn't find my keys or my passport and we all ended up missing the bus and had to wait for another one.  So the rest of this dream consisted of me trying to find what I needed so I could go.  I even lost my clothing somehow and had to get dressed.  The luxury of this dorm room slowly started fading away as I was searching through my belongings.  Pretty soon it was a run down and small room.  So we finally are ready and we get on the bus.  The bus driver checks my bag and starts pulling out strange items like flea medicine for cats and something else, and wasn't sure I could go over the border with them.  I told him I would leave them on the bus.  We all got settled in our seats and I was looking for a place to put the items and looked in a pouch in the seat in front of me.  I found 4 containers all covered with shiny fake jewels.  I figured they were left by the people that rode the bus previously.  I opened one up and there were brand new sunglasses inside, very bright colored and tacky!  So I handed them out to my friends.  
As we went along I noticed the roads were getting increasingly bad with snow and water over it.  At one point we were driving through rushing water running down the road, then it turned into slush.  The driver was going very quickly and I was getting scared, anticipating that we would crash.  Then I woke up.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Jewels and men

Jewels and men seem to dominate my dreams these last few days. I'm not sure what that is all about!  I have dreamed of jewels and finding massive amounts of them, usually in water, three times now.  
I had two dreams last night.  The first one was crazy.  I was in a city and geocaching.  I parked my car and got out.  A car full of stereotypical black "gangster" types pulled up and they all had big AR-15 guns.  I was scared because I thought they would shoot me. I played it cool however until this Asian lady yelled at me to get in her house because I was in danger.  Shortly after she kicked me out and wouldn't let me back in.  I then went to a big tree where the geocaches were.  I had to climb up the tree and it was hard to hold on and get the cache at the same time.  For some reason there were two caches in the tree.  I kept dropping small objects out of them.  Finally, I managed to get them back where I found them.  I started leaving and I heard loud gun shots coming from the house near where I parked my car.  The gangsters ran out and just at that moment a car came down the road and hit my car.  They both exploded.  I started running and one of the men was running with me as if we were running away from the police together.  I was hiding in various places while the police searched nearby.  It became dark and I found myself down by a beach.  The cops came and I started swimming.  The man was still with me.  The dream then changed and it was several years later.  I was wealthy and living in a really nice house.  I was outside and there was a cobra on my mailbox.  I ran into the house and found my husband who looked like Stephen King and he went out to kill the cobra.  I had two little dogs and I was fighting to keep them from getting out where they could be bit.  I ended up by a nice pool in my backyard and there was the man from the police episode from many years ago.  For some reason I felt we had been in a relationship.  He told me that my husband had been bit and he was dead.  Then I woke up.
The second dream involved me being some big shot in the military.  I lived in a dormitory and had these big signs on my closet saying I was the best or something like that.  I was also in school at the time and was getting dressed, looking for underwear.  I opened this drawer and it was full of lacy panties.  I shut the drawer and realized it wasn't mine.  My sister was there and we were laughing about it.  I had to go to class, so I left and tried to get a cup of coffee at the dining hall first.  Every time I grabbed a cup, it turned out to be coffee filters.  I was getting frustrated and told the guy working there that there were no cups.  He said they were all out.  I asked him how that can possibly happen and that someone doesn't know how to do their job!  I left and was then with a friend trying to find our class, we found it and it was a combination class with several subjects.  I didn't have my class materials with me, but I found a pencil.  Someone gave me a work sheet for math.  The teacher came in and we started.  I had to get up and find a tissue and when I came back I had missed instructions on a homework assignment.  I asked the teacher to repeat them and he got an attitude with me.  Just at that time, I was being called out of class because I had to go to Washington DC right away.  A limo was waiting for me.  I asked the teacher for the instructions and he told me what they were very quickly.  I didn't get it written down on time and he was being snotty.  At the same time I felt there was some sort of attraction or relationship between us.  I got mad and told him that he was a son of a bitch!  I got up to leave and he handed me a sheet with complete instructions hand written by himself.  I was surprised that he had done that.  Then I woke up.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Devil baby

The dream I had this morning before I woke up is worthy of a horror movie. I was in a community type church and this young mother's baby had gone missing. We searched for a long time for the baby, days even. We were all meeting back at the church and someone found a creepy old room that no one had checked. The pastor found the key and the door was opened. Inside was the babies bassinet. I rushed in with another person because everyone else was afraid to look. I can't ever smell in my dreams, but I know it smelled horrible in there. The baby was all withered up and had dusty green mold on it. We wheeled it out and put it on a table and shooed the mother away so we could try to make him look presentable for her. His name was Elijah by the way. So I was trying to wrap him up in a receiving blanket and another lady was helping me. Then Elijah began changing. He started growing plump under my hands and color began coming back into his skin. I could feel a growing dread inside me. Then he began moving. I realized he had come back to life! He began crying and rooting around like he was hungry. I handed him to his mother and she was in shock. I told her he was hungry and suggested she tried nursing him. The feeling of horror and dread and fear grew and grew in me.
Some other parishioners stepped aside and were whispering among themselves.
As I continued to watch Elijah nurse he began biting at his mother and his mouth was gaping wide open. I told her she should take him off but she insisted he was fine despite the fact she look terrified and in pain.
I stepped away for a bit and then went back and the mother's older daughter was holding the baby and he was sucking on her ear. The daughter was nearly crying and I told the mother that she should make him stop but she didn't. I wanted to get away and sneaked out the back. There were a bunch of other parishioners loading up into a wagon or truck and they were dressed in strange clothing, Old fashioned. I started walking down the sidewalk to my house fearfully. I could see that I was wearing a dress and had a shawl on that also covered my head. I was afraid to turn around and look fearing that the mother would be following me to take Elijah to my house. I was scared of him. Then I woke up.