Saturday, November 19, 2016

Crazy dreams

I had several vivid dreams last night, or maybe just one long disjointed one.  I'll try to write them in order, but I might be off a bit. 
Being in a room, my bedroom but not in my house.  There was a huge spider web on the end of the bed extending down to the floor and in the middle was an enormous black spider, shiny with a huge abdomen.  I was terrified of it, it was scampering about.  Little children then came in the room and were sitting under it and I was freaking out trying to get them away because the spider was a black widow.
  Working in a nursing home perhaps?  Caring for a resident who had soiled herself.  I was trying to clean her up.  Then I was in a field trying to clean a dirty horse instead.  He was acting up and behaving badly, rearing up.  He got away and started chasing me around the field.  I got over the fence and was looking down in a ditch filled with dozens of spider webs.
Then I was in a jail setting or a juvenile home and a huge African American teen was brought in with handcuffs on.  He was really upset and the police were saying he was going to be arrested and sent to jail.  I sat down and started talking to him.  He said he was scared.  I was trying to talk the authorities into letting him go.
The last dream was of me and many other people seeking shelter.  We had just heard that a nuclear bomb was going to explode.  I was telling people that the likely target was NYC and we were far enough away if the bomb was not that big.  We took shelter under a bridge, except it had stairs and you could go up and look through windows.  Hundreds of airplanes, like fighter jets were streaking through the sky heading north.  Then we saw the flash in the sky.  That is when I woke up.

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