Saturday, April 30, 2016

A night of terror and anger

I must have some type of stress going on in my life.  Last night was filled with horrible dreams.
In the first one that I remember, I was working in a hospital and something was happening to make people go into a zombie like state and start killing each other.  I wasn't affected yet and one person went into a nursery and was going to kill the babies.  I went in to save them and kept her away.  The babies were really small about the size of an orange but fully formed!  Then one was talking to me!  I couldn't remember what he was saying however.  I left there and was being followed by a zombie cat that was trying to kill me.  I went into a med room with two other nurses and was trying to get them to help me.  The cat came in and I fell on the floor and it started biting me.  I got up and ran and somehow ended up on the roof of this building.  It was a large granite dome and I was trying to climb it.  I was laying flat on my stomach inching along because I felt at any moment I was going to fall off the edge.  Then the entire building started tipping over and people were jumping.  I could see all around me the city was burning and people were jumping from buildings.  The building began falling and I fell off and was going down into an orange/pink mist.  Then I woke up.

Dream two was more of an angry dream.  It started off nice enough.  I was with a guy, I think an ex and we were at the top of a mountain and he pulled the car we were in into the parking lot of a nature preserve.  I got out and was looking at the view and wanted to go fishing in a nearby pond.  He went into the building there which looked like a small store.  He then came out with a woman and they sat at a picnic table with food and started eating.  I was pissed because they didn't get me anything.  I said something like, it must be nice and started walking home.  As all my dreams go, of course I was lost.  When I left the parking lot, it turned into a very busy city full of buses with tourists and college kids.  I saw one sign pointing to "Beep Spa" so I thought that meant Ballston Spa, a town near where I live, so I started walking that way.  I came across a huge highway and was trying to find a bus or train station because I realized I was way down in Tarrytown, which is near New York City.  There were massive crowds of people and I was getting more and more upset.  I then realized that my ex and his new woman were racing with me to see who could get on the bus or train first.  I wanted to avoid them and finally got in line for a train ticket.  The woman ran my ID and it passed three of four security checks.  Then one light flashed red and it said I had an Amber Alert out for kidnapping my daughter.  I said to the woman that they must of stopped at a police station and filed a false report saying I kidnapped her and she wasn't even with me!  She sold me the ticket and I got on the train.  It started pulling away and then there was a special needs man wearing a helmet a couple rows behind me.  He started yelling and screaming loudly.  I was getting upset even more and someone turned and yelled at him to shut the fuck up!    That is where the dream ended.  I felt exhausted when I got up!

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  1. I have nightmares often...they really do drain you the nest day!!