Friday, April 29, 2016

Lost in Louisiana!

Nap time turned into nightmare time this afternoon.  I was in North Louisiana, probably in Bossier City visiting my brother.  I was driving this big, old pick up truck with a plow on the front.  I was planning on driving down to see my Mom and was lost.  I was trying to find the highway to get to her house.  I had to drop my brother off first.  I went down one street and was having trouble with the plow, so I pulled over.  I was moving the blade from inside and then got out to try to fix it.  Some guy came over and offered to help.  He took the plow off and then told me to give him $20.  I told him no and he said he was going to call the cops.  I said go ahead, I'll wait for them.  I was really mad at him for being so rude and having the nerve to ask me for money.  I put the plow back on myself and waited for the cops.  When the cop came I told him what happened and he told the guy to leave me alone.  So I get back in the truck and notice I'm low on gas and the truck is sputtering and died.  I managed to get it started again and dropped my brother off at his place.  I then tried to find a gas station but it was dark and everything was closed.  I drove into one and lost control and hit an old fashioned pump on the side of the building.  Then I got scared and took off dragging the hose behind me.  I was worried that they would see me on video camera and send the cops after me.  I was trying to use my GPS to put in my Mom's address and my GPS was broken and my finger went through the screen.  Then I went to a Wal-mart to buy a new one and even that was closed!  I pulled into the parking lot and screamed "This is bullshit"!
Then I woke up!

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